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First Impressions are Important


A ten month cosmetology course can be life changing. Most people think it’s all about the hair, but it’s so much more than that. The first few months of the program focuses on the individual’s professional image, communication techniques and basic life skills.

Dressing for success is not as easy as most may think. We may feel that we look great and are well put together, however, is our hair and make-up done tastefully? Is our facial hair well groomed and maintained? Are our clothes practical for moving around and standing on our feet for the majority of the day, and more importantly, do they fit in with the image the salon would like to portray? The answer should be “yes” every day before going in to work.

Why is this all so important? Because hairstylists are representatives of the beauty industry. It is important to look the part in order to begin to build our clients trust in our capabilities. First impressions are crucial. It’s what sets the tone for the rest of the service.  It can take up to as many as ten more encounters with someone to change a bad first impression! It is unlikely that someone will return to a salon ten more times if they were not impressed the first time. Looking your best tells a story. It says that you take yourself seriously and you are serious about what you do!

The most important part of any salon service is the initial client consultation; this requires effective communication skills. It is important that we focus on building these skills in order to build strong relationships with clients. Along with listening skills, body language and facial expressions play an integral role in communication. The art of communicating is a life-long practice. The quality of your communication can dictate the quality of your career and life!

Eye contact, a friendly smile, and firm handshake while looking your best is a great way to introduce yourself to a fabulous new career!

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