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April 1, 2016
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Semi Permanent Haircolour FAQ’s

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Semi Permanent Colour

There are four main haircolouring categories; temporary, semi permanent, demi permanent and permanent. The difference between the four categories is the size of the molecules and how deep they penetrate the hair shaft.

What are Semi  Permanent Haircolours?

Semi permanent hair colours are no lift, deposit only, non oxidative(no peroxide), ammonia free haircolours designed to add subtle colour results  and a great way to introduce a client to haircolour services! They can also be used to neutralize or tone pre-lightened hair. Semi’s do not cover gray hair nor do they have any lifting ability. Semi permanent pigment molecules are only small enough to slightly penetrate the cuticle layer.

How are Semi Permanent Haircolours Applied?fabuloso

Since semi permanent haircolours only slightly penetrate the cuticle layer, the hair must first be shampooed. Shampooing the hair prior to the colour application will help to equalize porosity and remove oils and other build up that may prevent the pigment molecules from penetrating. Towel blot the hair and then apply the colour from scalp to ends. Semi permanent colour is used directly from the bottle. Process the colour according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse and condition if necessary. The entire procedure can be performed at the basin. Before beginning any colour application, it is always recommended to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions.


How Long Does a Semi Permanent Haircolour Last?

Semi permanent haircolour is intended to last four to six (4 to 6) shampoos. Traditionally, it was said that semi permanent colour lasted 4 to 6 weeks. This was under  the assumption that the individual would wash their hair once a week. The lasting power of any haircolour will be based on the frequency of washes, environmental exposure, the hair’s porosity and type of products used to wash and care for the hair.

How Do I Care for a Semi Permanent Haircolour?

 The less often the hair is shampooed, the longer the semi permanent haircolour can potentially last. Using professional, pH balanced haircare will also aid in the longevity of the colour. Non-professional shampoos containing sulfates will contribute to premature colour fading. Avoid or limit the exposure of the hair to sunlight. UV rays will penetrate the hair and cause the colour to fade. Using serums and other styling aids containing UV protection will reduce the risk of premature colour fading. When swimming in chlorine or salt water pools, keep the head above water or protect the hair with a swim cap. Of course, when in the sun, wearing scarves and hats can also do the trick!

 How Often Can I Use a Semi Permanent Haircolour?

 A semi permanent haircolour can be used as often as recommended by a haircare professional. Once the colour has faded significantly, the procedure can be performed all over again. If used too often, and without the advice of a professional, colour can build up on the hair ends and begin to look darker than intended. Always consult with a professional colourist for best results!

 The Evolution of Semi Permanent Haircolour

 Semi permanent haircolours have evolved greatly in salon culture. Semi’s used to be applied to shampooed hair, processed under a dryer for approximately 20 minutes and then rinsed. It was quite a lengthy and costly service that did not last very long. Over time, semi’s have lost their popularity as a regular salon service however, they did not lose their popularity in purpose. Semi’s are used by colourists on overly sensitized hair, as refreshers for permanent or demi permanent colours, and used as fashion shades on pre-lightened hair.

Semi’s are now available in conditioner form and are safe for home use. They can be purchased in professional salons by the client to use as a neutralizer or a colour refresher in between permanent colour retouch appointments. Some salons may even refer to their demi permanent haircolours as semi permanents.

When it comes to haircolour, always seek the advice of a professional haircare provider!

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