Graduate Testimonials


Anthony Di Salvo

Being a student at The Donato Academy of Hairstyling has been an overwhelming experience as well as a privilege. The education program was in-depth, hands-on and very innovative. Donato made me feel confident in my skills as a hairstylist, and the education I have acquired is now a solid foundation of techniques that I can build upon for my future. I would highly recommend the Donato Academy of Hairstyling to all aspiring hairstylists!

Christine Moreira

Learning at The Donato Academy has been an amazing experienceThe instructors are all so knowledgeable and dedicated. They have challenged us, mentored us and helped us throughout the entire hairstyling course. I feel well prepared for my future in this industry because of the education, experiences and opportunities I have received at the academy.

Katie Gabinet

All of the educators are highly skilled in cutting, colour, styling and customer service. I was glad to have a variety of instructors, all of them having their own way of teaching and individual methods of hairstyling. Although we look up to them, as they have the careers we dream of, they are all very approachable and kind of seem more like mentors and friends. Regularly working with clients has given us the chance to experience working in a salon and has greatly improved our skills. The opportunities I have had at The Donato Academy, such as styling models for the Toronto ABA and seeing influential stylists speak will stay with me and inspire me as I move forward with my hairstyling career."

Stephanie Priest

Being one of the first students at the Donato Academy has been such an amazing experience for me; I would not change a thing about it! After high school, I took a year off in order to wait for the Donato Academy begin the full time hairstyling program and now I can proudly say that it was the best decision I ever made. All the educators here are amazing, and at The Donato Academy you do actually learn from the industry’s best! The instructors have instilled self-assurance within me that I never had before. My 11 months at the Donato Academy of hairstyling was a blast!

Michelle Prezes

The staff at The Donato Academy made me feel welcomed from the very start of the school year last September. With the in-depth and diverse education I have been given, I feel as though I am now extremely equipped for my future with useful skills, knowledge, tools and techniques. I feel confident that what I have learnt and been exposed to will aid me greatly in the future and will help me become a fantastic hairstylist!